Message from the President

I started this company in my twenties. At that time, two person started with me. Two of them other than me had no working experience. However, I was able to have a truly valuable experience as I rushed toward my dream.

Maybe I was lucky, and now I am walking with many partners. Since I have made many partners, I am very grateful every day for being able to work in an environment that is always exciting, such as starting new businesses and taking on challenges abroad.

In the language of my hometown of Okinawa, there is the word "Nankurunaisa". It means, "If you try to follow the right path without being discouraged, good days will come someday," I like it very much.

Crane is an organization that is young and has rough edges. I think we will continue to face and suffer from many difficulties. Nevertheless, we would like to work hard to overcome the difficulties in path we believe in.

The company is growing with the support of many people. We will continue to work hard to become a company that can return the favor to everyone.


President Jun Arakaki