Crane club activities

In Crane, club activities planned by employees are active. The company provides activity support funds so that each circle can be active, and we have a system in place to disseminate each activity within the company. Currently, 5 circles are active.


Walking club

I participate in an event called "100km Walk", which takes 24 hours to walk 100km. It's an unimaginably tough road, but participants deepen their ties by sharing "how many emotions, gratitude, and excitement can be experienced" while walking a distance that has never been experienced before. It is an opportunity that is difficult to obtain in everyday life.


Fishing club

There are many fishing enthusiasts in Crane who are away from the hustle and bustle of the city and swing their rods in the sea breeze. Especially offshore fishing on a boat is just an adult play! Sometimes it takes a big game over 50 cm! Since it is necessary to study fishing techniques and tool selection, it is also a place for learning to teach with friends. It will surely help improve work communication.


Mountaineering club

A classic outdoor activity, mountain climbing. From light mountain climbing that feels like a hike to Mt. Fuji. Of course, there are steep roads, but all the participants will help each other and aim for the summit. There are many beginners, but experienced people follow them well. The excitement and scenery when standing on the mountaintop while taking turns to bring luggage and talk to each other is exceptional.


Muscle training lovers' association

The book that 99.9% of life's problems can be solved with muscle training is a recent boom, but there are people who love muscle training even in Crane. "A healthy mind lives in a healthy body" is exactly muscle training. In order to devote themselves to their work even more, they continue to work out every day and show off their bodies.


Barbecue lovers

Drink delicious meat and sake while surrounding the fire with friends. It's the real thrill of the outdoors. At Crane, employees regularly meet to have a barbecue party. One of the characteristics of Crane is that there are many opportunities for new employees to easily talk with the president and executives on these occasions. All the senior employees are friendly, so it's exciting beyond the relationship between the top and bottom.


Cosplay lovers

Sometimes it is necessary to forget about work and stay in the extraordinary world. The Crane Cosplay Lovers Association is not just about cosplaying, but also trying to open up your body and soul by going on a trip, drinking party, or BBQ. As long as you cosplay, it doesn't matter whether you are a boss or a subordinate! This lovers' association, where everyone desperately tries to be stupid, may be the true value of Crane.


Marathon club

From full-scale runners who drive themselves into stoic to beginners to solve lack of exercise, the Crane Marathon Club challenges marathon events of various sizes. The depth of the marathon is that people who run for the first time after entering Crane will be addicted to it. The excitement when you finish the race is beyond your imagination. There is no doubt that it will be a memory together at times!