Crane employee support

Employees gather from all over the country!
General meetings several times a year

Management employees from all over Japan gather at the Tokyo head office to hold meetings three to four times a year. It will be an important place to report on the area of ​​jurisdiction and share awareness as a whole.

Where are you going this year?
Let's get excited with a company trip!

Crane's employee trips are rich in variety from overseas to Hokkaido and Okinawa! In addition to sightseeing, we bring in projects that all employees can enjoy, such as BBQ and game competitions.

Seriously play!
Full Crane club activities

Even playing outside the company can be a source of food if you do it seriously! Various club activities are actively carried out so that you can see the unexpected side of the employees.

Global events with overseas staff !

Communication with overseas employees such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. Not only daily communication online, but also a variety of events!

Enriched welfare programs so that you can work with peace of mind

We have a full range of welfare and social insurance so that our employees can work with peace of mind for a long time, not only now but also in the future.

Private is also fulfilling! Paid leave that can be used firmly

Crane doesn't have the usual "it's hard to take paid vacation!" Please refresh yourself to do a better job.

Supporting the careers of new moms! Maternity leave / childcare leave support

A maternity leave system for childbirth and childcare is also fully equipped. Of course, we have an environment and understanding so that you can play an active role after returning. Many acquisition records!

We support self-development such as seminars and external events !

Crane will firmly support you with the qualifications and seminars you need for your own growth. The growth of employees is the growth of the company. Please actively learn as part of your work.

We sell brand-name products and jewelry at a special price only for employees!

Unique to Jewel Cafe, which operates a nationwide purchase business! You can purchase your favorite brand products, watches and jewelry at employee discounts. Get the real thing and get motivated!

There is a discount system for our own business.

All of our wide range of businesses have employee discounts. Not only can you eat and sell at restaurants, but you can also register at a dating agency at a bargain price. Life may change with company discount !?