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Application Requirements

For new graduates who are about to join the company, we have prepared three paths for general employment. You may be surprised by the title of manager, but the president, executives, and bosses take the time to provide education and guidance, and gain experience and knowledge at an early stage to grow as a manager.

01 Candidates for managerial positions in charge of overseas business

After thoroughly studying Crane's business in Japan for about half a year to a year, you will be assigned overseas as a candidate for manager of overseas stores.
Responsible for overseas stores Overseas stores

02 Candidates for managerial positions in charge of domestic business

We aim to grow into a human resource who can manage the jewelry purchase specialty store "Jewel Cafe", the color specialty store "Hair Colors", and the jewelry store "Venus Tiers", which have more than 200 stores in Japan. At first, we will start with the person in charge of one store, and while getting used to the operation of the site, we will increase the number of managed stores.
Managers responsible for domestic business To human resources who can manage

03 Assigned to the department under the direct control of the president at the Omotesando head office

I will be involved with the president as a member of business support for existing businesses, various development businesses, and projects for new businesses. By seriously planning in-house events (athletic meet, travel, etc.) with the theme of "playing seriously", we will also develop creativity and management ability.
New business project Play seriously

Career step

Career step Career step

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