Overseas Business

We expanded bases in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. We still accept high evaluation at each local area.

We expanded bases in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. We still accept high evaluation at each local area.

Hong Kong/ Taiwan/ Singapore/ Malaysia

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Jewel Café welcomed with surprise

Jewel Café, which became a standard of purchasing industry in Japan, expanded its business in Hong Kong in 2009 and then, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. At these local areas, precious metals meant “a bar of gold” or others, so the specialty shop that can purchase even one jewelry was welcomed with surprise. As a result of a lot of steady campaigns and step-by-step efforts to gain recognition at local markets, we were able to build our solid brand position within a few years.

Made-in-Japan quality to overseas

VENUS TEARS originally started in Singapore based on the concept that we wanted to spread made-in-Japan quality and design to overseas. We quickly gained recognition with sophisticated item selecting ability and high-quality and low-price jewelries of established our own diamonds. It has enhanced reputation especially among young people, getting interviewed by a local magazine. Then, it was reimported to and developed shops in Japan, and expanded to 8 shops home and abroad including a flagship shop of Ginza.

Service skills as good as in Japan

When in Rome do as the Romans do. This adage is important in business for sure, but we think Japanese interpersonal and service skills that are extremely high-level and unequal in the world should be introduced to overseas business as they are. At local sites, Japanese staff members who accumulated experiences of management in Japan instructed local staff directly and introduced Japanese-style entertaining and services thoroughly. Fortunately, our customers welcomed us with great thrills.

Further expanding of the trade area

We haven’t stopped further global expanding of the trade area yet. Crane has already incorporated plans to aggressively advance into each area of the world into our roadmap. First of all, it will further expand Jewel Café and VENUS TEARS in Asian and new businesses which suit each local site. Each area of the world is our target field.