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World-class diamond at a great price 8 shops including a flagship shop of Ginza

World-class diamond at a great price 8 shops including a flagship shop of Ginza

Ginza/ Chiba/ Fukuoka/ Singapore

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Made-in-Japan Quality to the World

Venus Tears originally started in Singapore based on the concept that it wants to spread made-in-Japan quality and design. It quickly gained acceptance with its sophisticated item-selecting abilities, the finest quality and low-price jewelries using acclaimed our own diamonds. It has enhanced reputation especially among young people, getting interviewed by a local magazine. Then, it was reimported to and developed shops in Japan, and expanded to 8 shops home and abroad including a flagship shop of Ginza.

GIA diamonds at a surprisingly low price

One of the major reasons why VENUS TEARS achieved success in Singapore is its finest quality and low-price diamond jewelries that have never been thought there before. Fine jewelries of VENUS TEARS are accompanied by a certificate of GIA, one of the world’s best certifying agencies. It offers selected GIA diamonds at more reasonable prices than any other shops. The concept also works in the Japanese market, and appeals not only discerning customers but also adjacent major jewelry shops.

Abundant bridal collection

Looking ahead concerning trend and needs of the current marriage ring market, we have a wide selection of popular brand of home and abroad which are often on a marriage information magazine such as “Zexy”. We have abundant collections that only select shops can have, such as Disney’s official collection, one-of-a-kind jewelry with a story and popular Hawaiian bridal rings. We also develop our original brand which is characteristic with the clear target. We will continue to facilitate strategic brand building.

From casual to super high collections

VENUS TEARS has also wide selection of reasonable and casual accessories in order to show our abundant product collections to more customers and contribute to gather people to a shopping mall if only a little. On the other hand, it also has wide collection of fine jewelries that use our proud diamonds sumptuously from regular to characteristic ones. Some regular customers buy ultraluxury diamonds of 2ct.